Oh. My. Lord.

Saturday morning, 6:07AM. I'm at the bus stop, waiting for a bus. Usually at that time, I would be in bed, sleeping. However since recently, sleep has been a word that's no longer in my vocabulary. Sleep is a myth, to me now. So, comes one of these huge ugly KBS buses. Every time I …

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The Power within

This year I’m looking forward to the 14th of February. Valentine’s day. You may think it’s because I have a hot someone. Naah! Okay, okaaay. Actually, there is a someone. So, this year I am spending Valentine’s with my one true love. Not long ago, that is 2 years ago, I had abandoned myself and …

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Did They Do It To You Too?

It is beautiful outside. The sun is REALLY shining. Birds are chirping. It is summer, which means weddings, which means gutwerera and bridal showers (and the inevitable pressure that comes with weddings). Almost every weekend on your calendar is booked. Every now and then, you get texts reminding you to attend those wedding planning meetings …

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