The Perfectionist in Me

I'm a perfectionist. I spend plentiful amounts of time just to perfect something. Perfectionism is my disease. However, perfectionism is not necessarily a bad trait. I mean, there are lots of worse things one can be. This perfectionism, first, comes from my passion to improve and give my best to everything I do. Second, it's …

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For Food, beer and art

When I was in primary school, I thought 6th graders were functioning adults in society. At the time, if someone would have asked me what I would be doing in my 20s, I would have assumed that I would be married with kids (at least 2), and traveling around the world with them. Because, then, …

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Bayijahe, umubyeyi w'inyamibwa ndata Afite inseko isusurutsa nk’umuseke Yuje ubumanzi n’ubupfura bumutemba ku mutima  Indoro ye yampaye umunezero ntawe wayisangana Jye mfura ye nterwa ishema na Rudasumbwa Data Ahora antetesha by’umutoni nkamukunda Hahirwa njye umurata kuko ampimbaje  Erega uwo mubyeyi nsingiza, ntasumbwa kirazira. Isabukuru nziza nshuti yanjye nkunda cyane.

Did They Do It To You Too?

It is beautiful outside. The sun is REALLY shining. Birds are chirping. It is summer, which means weddings, which means gutwerera and bridal showers (and the inevitable pressure that comes with weddings). Almost every weekend on your calendar is booked. Every now and then, you get texts reminding you to attend those wedding planning meetings …

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