Oh. My. Lord.

Saturday morning, 6:07AM. I'm at the bus stop, waiting for a bus. Usually at that time, I would be in bed, sleeping. However since recently, sleep has been a word that's no longer in my vocabulary. Sleep is a myth, to me now. So, comes one of these huge ugly KBS buses. Every time I …

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Ugly undies

Color: Blue Size: I don’t know, but it fits. There’s a small corner of my underwear drawer filled with – wait for it – my bad undies. And when I say bad, I don’t just mean old. I mean ugly, worn-out, tattered. Hideous. They are so worn-out that some are hole-filled. Some are frayed around …

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As we’re heading into the holidays, I can’t help it but scratch my head as to how 2017 has whizzed by. 2017 has been a year of change, for me. During the first month of 2017, I was still working on my thesis. Things didn’t turn out exactly the way I’d anticipated, thus completing the …

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