My New Favorite Thing To Do

My name is Angela and I’m an artist (not the regular kind though). I’m also a Biomedical Laboratory Sciences graduate, an aspiring chef, a meat-lover and a procrastinator. But this post is for another story. A story about my new favorite thing to do.

Last Tuesday I washed one of my denim pants. While washing them, I noticed that they had started to give away at critical areas (read: the bum). Since they’re not really wearable any more but the denim is still good, I thought “How can I reuse the good bits of denim?”

I remembered seeing denim bags at campus. I googled and found some tutorials and that was it. I couldn’t wait for it to dry and put it to good use. Once dry, I cut off the upper part across crotch area (I’ll make a bag out of that, later) and used the leg parts. With the help of the tutorials, I made a small purse (the first one).

I was quite surprised I could sew like this, I thought it would come out with some ugly zig-zag patterns. I loved it.

Yesterday, I made another purse using a small piece of a kitenge fabric and some denim. I took a zipper off an old bag. I was quite pleased with the purse as well, because for a beginner like me, it’s not so bad. I worked on it till 3:34 AM today.

However, it needs some minor adjuments here and there. 

I want to learn sewing (not just sewing for fun) and how to use a sewing machine because the struggle of using a needle to sew is very real…my fingers are hurting since last night. And I intend on sewing my own clothes in the future. To be my own fashion designer.

Watch this space…


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