Sent with love

My dearest love,

Every morning (that comes too early, wondering why, yet again, our time together has been cut short) I hit the snooze button an extra 6 times because I just don’t want to leave you. 

I know that there was a time in my life when I used to take you for granted. That time when I used to just expect you to be there for me, without giving you any appreciation. That time when you came second to dozens of others and it might have made you feel completely worthless. How could I have done that to you, my love? It was a mistake. A terrible mistake that made me wonder silently if I’m not probably the most terrible person alive? For that, I am really ashamed and I apologize. I didn’t know any better. My love, one thing I can assure you is that I will never take you for granted again. Never.

I know we’ve been together long enough for you to see that you’re the longest relationship I’ve ever had (and I hope we’ll be together forever). As we’re going through a rough patch right now, I know that you’re feeling the pangs of our separation too. They say that every relationship goes through ups and downs. Maybe you’re having your revenge for all of those times when I treated you wrong. But, my love, can’t we let bygones be bygones and find a way to come together again? Because I haven’t given up hope that we’ll find our way back to each other again. And I hope that you haven’t either. We need more time together to make our relationship work.

I never treated you right before. Sometimes, you even agreed to things simply in order to keep the peace. Perhaps love is truly blind. However, I can assure you that I am a changed woman now. 

Now, I know that you deserve the best. I really do. If I could, I would just take you with me everywhere. Sadly, the reality is that it’s not possible but I hope you realize that it’s the thought that counts. My love, just so you know, I might be a 1000 miles away but you’re the first thing on my mind.

From now on, I promise, to always give you the respect and love that you are due.

Because really, my dear Bed, I miss you.

Comfortably and exhaustedly yours,

One very sleepy girl


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