All that money just to look ugly?

So, last Wednesday I took a passport photo.
I had the photograph taken by a nice guy. He took the photo, showed you and if you weren’t happy with the results, he would take it again. It was swift and painless. He told me to hold back my hair, remove my earrings and he took it. Just one. I liked it (at least I didn’t look pissed off in it) and he didn’t have to take it again. To be honest, it was the first time…

My passport/ID photographs have always been horrible. I guess photographers are jealous of my great looks (they want to be as pretty as me) so they get revenge by making me look ugly. Hehe. On one high school ID card, my look could cure cancer! Haha. I looked like a science fiction creature that I had to stick another photo over the disturbing face.

However, I’ve seen people who look great in their passport/ID photos and I wonder what life is like with such photos. Their lives must be on easy mode.

5 years back when I was applying for Passport, I took a photo for it. I remember disliking it mildly but then once I got my passport…my godddd, I looked 9899999999879 times worse. I was like “All that money just to look ugly?”

I know passport photos are meant to be ugly…but that one just made me speechless. How in the world could a passport photo turn out like that? I looked like I hated being on my passport. Haha. I looked like a homicidal maniac or like I had just been dug up or like I was in a bad prison. Awful is the word. I didn’t even want to see it. But then I thought “It’s not a picture I’ll hang on the wall. No one will see it, I’ll only show it to an immigration officer or check-in clerk. And that’s all. Don’t stress!”

Thankfully, it expired and was renewed. Because looking that ugly, I guess they would have let me in, in any foreign country. I now look better on my new passport. Hallelujah!


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