Just don’t 

It’s a Saturday morning. I have just woke up. Time check: 9:43 AM. Early mornings are not for me.

10:05 AM, there’s a power cut. Musanze is blessed with power cuts which try my patience!

13:17 PM, still no power. Thank you EWSA or REG or whatever that it is now! Power cuts are something we are used to!

My phone notifies me that I’ve 15% battery remaining. The horror! I’m so attached to my gadget…without my cell phone, I feel dead. Unconnected to my friends and the world. I’m that friend who terribly sucks at socializing. I don’t like hanging out and stuff (because my social skills are very limited). I’m always making up excuses…Sorry, I can’t hang out. My great grand aunt’s cousin’s best friend’s sister in law’s uncle’s neighbor’s son’s bicycle is broken. Maybe next time… 

So, my phone (read: social media) is my way to maintain contact with my friends. The very existence of emails and texting is a lifesaver for me. I don’t have to sit and/or talk to another human being. 

I think maybe I would be a better me without my cell phone. Maybe.

I begin to feel lonely. I feel the surrounding quietness suffocating me. I should probably walk to town or visit someone, or go to the market to kill time.

So, I jump out of bed and take a quick shower. One thing I really really hate about this place, is the water. The water is always ice-cold like it’s from the freezer! And when there’s no power, I can’t even heat the water. On such days, I have a cold shower, rocking like SHAKIRA!

I remember that my classmate’s baby is sick. I call her…hoping that she doesn’t answer her phone. Please don’t pick up. Please don’t pick up. Ahhh…

I asked her for directions and went to visit her. 

I walked into her house and had a holy-shit-what-is-this moment! I felt my skin crawl. A wave of repulsion swept over me. I was disappointed by her place. Her home was gross. The house was small but still it was a mess. There was stuff everywhere and that, made it look more or less like a garbage dumping site. Unwashed dishes on the dining table. Sofas stained with baby piss. It was very dirty that I kept wondering what she does during her free time?

When I am in a depressive period, my housekeeping will not win any awards. That’s when I look at my place and wonder if there could be a place worse than mine. But I’ve found it…A home that you never wish to visit again. 

How does someone live in such a place? How do you stay in a house with smelly garbage inside? How do they sleep at night? Why does someone keep dirty dishes and pots with old food in them that has gone mouldy, piling them day after day, instead of just washing them? How long does it take?

I honestly think some people take cleaning as an unimportant thing. Some people have grown up not understanding how cleaning is actually done. They clean like kindergarten kids, leaving a mess than when they began cleaning. They obviously don’t get the fact that the way that people get clean houses is to treat cleaning as an important thing that you schedule and spend time on.

I felt sorry for her poor husband, who lives in such conditions. It wasn’t until I met him that I realized that she met her match. Sigh! They are both filthy. She has been relegated to “someone I know”.

When the I’m-not-doing-shit-today mode (or call it laziness if you like) sets in, you have to really work at staying on top of it. 

When that “You can do that later!” voice kicks in, I have to say to myself “Or, you could just do it now, so DO IT NOW !” I am much happier when my place is clean. It’s often a seemingly small thing that sparks it, from then I make my bed, wash the dishes, wash the clothes, clean the shoes, clean up the house…and I don’t stop until I feel satisfied or good.

By some miracle, it starts raining but only a drizzle. I get a chance to escape from the filthy place.

The funny thing though, as I was leaving they thanked me for visiting them *rolls eyes* and invited me to come back. For real? Thanks! But I would rather stay home and stab my toe repeatedly. 

If you can’t keep your home in habitable condition, don’t invite people over. Just don’t!


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