I learn a new lesson

It’s a Saturday morning. A beautiful morning with the warm rising sun. We are at Gisenyi.
His sister calls and through choked words tells him to Come Home. He asks why but she hangs up on him.
Two words popped up on the screen of his phone: She’s gone”
He showed me the text. Suddenly there wasn’t enough breathable air.
He was destroyed. He stood there, rooted to the ground. I saw his world turn darker than I ever imagined it would be. It’s terrible to love something that death can touch. She broke his heart. She discolored his life. She left his soul yawning with a hunger that will never be satiated.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest challenges that many of us face. The shock and grief that consumes you after you lose someone is overwhelming. It feels like you have fallen into a deep hole and will never be able to get out. It seems like everything has been turned upside down.
No one never gets over the loss they’ve experienced, but they can get through it. You have been changed by the loss, but you can learn how to survive, even grow, from the challenge.

I thank God that my parents are alive, but I worry a lot about when they will die because they won’t always be there. There is no reason known to me that my friend’s mum and/or dad is absent from this life and mine are present. It’s all grace. From God. Unmerited. I don’t deserve it but I’m grateful.
I pray that they both live long enough to see their grandkids. I pray that they live long enough to make them even prouder of me than they seems to already be.

Last month my friend sent me a text on Whatsapp…

“Hey, you remember JM”
“The cute girl with huge hips, in class Yellow. Yes, I remember her”
“She died”

I was like WHAAAT? I stared at the message like forever…
What could have possibly killed that young beautiful girl? I couldn’t believe it.
I logged in on Facebook, to try find more about her death. There was nothing. Few days after her passing, her TL was flooding with eulogies. Beautiful ones. I took the time to read each one of them. Everyone talked about her kindness, her big heart, how sad and heartbroken they were…
To cut the story short, I was amazed. It got me thinking: when I’m gone, how will I be remembered?
JM lived a wonderful life and her memory lives on.

To all the our departed loved ones, sleep in peace, till we meet again.

La mort n’arrête pas l’amour


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