Dear Old Friend

Dear Old Friend,

Let’s start out with the obvious; I miss you. I miss all of the people I have lost.
True friendship and love felt deep in a person’s heart is something that doesn’t waver. It can be ignored, but it cannot be destroyed.

I wish you weren’t a person that I used to know. I see your life in photos, like I watch strangers in a film. Brief texting has replaced deep conversation and secret-sharing. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go back to a simpler time, when friendship and love felt so easy. I wonder what it would feel like to not have a care in the world and just waste hours goofing off with you and the other people I now barely know. I wonder what it would be like to know each other again.

I wish it were possible to try to be best friends again. I wish it made sense.
I wish I could tell you when something amazing, or even completely meaningless and silly happens. I wish I still heard the same things from you.
I wish it didn’t feel like you live a million miles away. I wish you could be there for me the way you used to be. I wish I could know the people in your life.

Time flies!  The years have sped by quickly! Looking back, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were the best of friends. I can remember some of our silly conversations very well indeed. I remember our time together as being, simply put, very fun. You are one of the most pleasant friends I’ve ever had.

Time builds barriers. It isn’t easy to maintain friendships, and certainly isn’t easy to rebuild them.
I want the friendships I know have always been worth fighting for. I don’t want empty spaces. Maybe you feel the same way and do not want empty spaces either. I hope my space in your heart is still open, because your space in my mine will never close.

You’re still a wonderful person. Today, I admire you from afar. I ain’t even mad that we’re no longer best friends. You and I are one of the few relationships I’ve had that’s been relatively free of any tension, leaving me with nothing but happy memories. And I’m not sure I want to characterize our friendship’s present state as terminated.
So thank you; I want nothing but the best for you in the future.

Your Old Friend


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