Things that matter

The sun was shining at 11:40AM. I was in Musanze Taxi Park, to board a bus to Kigali.
Nobody queues for taxis/buses here ─ the tactic is to mill around by the stop and try to jump in front of everyone when the bus arrives…jumping in as the bus may not make a complete stop at all.

The window seats were already taken. I spotted a seat at the back. I was relieved I wasn’t going to be seated ‘muri corridor’. I sat alongside a well-dressed woman, about age 35. She was with her husband, and their baby. She wore fake gold jewelry. There was dirt visible in her fingernails. She wore one of those wigs we see in Nollywood movies. Umusirimu wa fake!

The bus was so packed – stuffed like a sardines can, making it hard to embark.
As the bus exitted the taxi park, the woman spread her legs and bent as if to pick up something, and spit on the (bus) floor. Doux Jésus, nooon! It was filthy!

Then the baby noticed my handbag and wanted to play with it. But I couldn’t let it touch my bag. Not a chance. Poor child. Poor me. Nothing I could do with this one but grimace and smile and wish that I could teleport.
The woman turned as if to check something at the back of the seat, and spat again. Yo, woman! You are so, so gross. Absolutely disgusting.


Most people were unaffected when they witnessed it, but it really grossed me out. There’s nothing I loathe more than seeing someone spit!

The bus stopped at Nyirangarama – the official stop-over for travellers using Kigali-Musanze route. The only place the buses stop for people to grab refreshments. The husband bought some cakes. She took one, to pass to her colleague/friend. It slipped and fell on the floor. Yuck, double yuck!
She proceeded to pick it up…our eyes met and I gave her that ‘woman-I-am-so-disgusted-with-your-abhorrent-manners’ look. She examined it, and handed it over to the guy.
God! She was so appalling! What in heaven’s name was she thinking? What’s the matter with her?

These are kind of people that should be put on house arrest and home trained until they can act appropriately in public. Who still thinks it’s publicly acceptable to spit? And doesn’t anybody carry a hankie anymore? A tissue?
I was prepared for the nose picking session as well. Or even worse, blowing snot out of her nose through the window.

I don’t understand the spitting thing. I honestly don’t. Not once in my entire life (as if I’m 80!) have I ever spat on the sidewalk/floor. How come the world is full of people who do?
One thing is: that stuff comes out of the body and it might be riddled with diseases. There should be laws against spitting in public.
The other thing is inconsideration. Imagine if you happened to step into that filthy crap left behind by some jerk.
If only people were more considerate.

If you have to spit for health reasons, fine! But at least spit where there aren’t people right in front of you. Better yet carry a tissue with you and spit into that.
For Chrissake, show some class and stop spitting in public!

Rant complete! Deep breath!

Needless to say that I didn’t wait for the bus to make a complete stop to jump out!


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