3 and Counting

In relationships we’re used to complaining about other people – our partners, our significant others. But for relationships to really work, we need to focus on what we appreciate about the other person, not what we’re complaining about.
I think we need to appreciate the good qualities in our partners, while realizing that they’re overlooking our less than ideal qualities and focusing on our good qualities, too.
I often wonder why I love you. Is it your presence, your smile, or just your eyes? Here are some wonderful reasons, though they comprise only a fraction of all the reasons, I can never tell you all the reasons, for I myself know not. But please read the following, and know that I will continue to love you, forever…

1. Your smile. You have an infectious smile.
2. Your big belly…you give wonderful teddy bear hugs and cuddling with you is just awesome. I love how you cuddle me in your arms, like I were your little girl.
3. Your amazing sense of humor. The silly things you say…when you come from an exam telling me “ni ku mwamba, ku ipoto”. And I like the fact that you get my jokes.
4. Your potato eyes. The way you look at me. Those eyes that see right through me…take over my entire body, making my knees weak.
5. We can talk about anything and everything together no matter what.
6. All the things you do for me. I appreciate all of them, big to small.
7. Your body. You’re sexy and handsome. You’re a giant that I love.
8. I love how my heart skips a beat when you walk into a room.
9. You accept me and love me for who I am. Even though you know everything about me you still look at me the same way.
10. You make me happy…we laugh together, do silly and crazy things together, I know all your gross little stuff…
11. I can just be myself…I am comfortable with you
12. I feel safe around you…be it day or night. When we’re together, I fear nothing.
13. You’re my teacher. You’ve taught me how to love, patience and tolerance, you’ve taught me many life lessons.
14. You complete me.
15. When you sing and the way you dance, utera akaguru! Hahaaaa…I am laughing!
16. How I still get butterflies when someone says your name.
17. There’s no one else who’s even close like you! You’re unique.
18. How you think I am so smart.
19. Your cooking! Yummy! Narafashwe! Sinzi impamvu ntabyibuha?!
20. For who you are. I love you for the man you are and the silly little boy inside – KIBOBONSO!


I look forward to more years to come.
Walk with me.
Happy 3rd Anniversary, Kibobonso.


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