I’m not even going to try and say that I truly know the answer. I don’t think anyone really does until they find themselves in this position, but I’ll share my thoughts none the less. It would definitely be great if I can get my hands on 10 million dollars and the first thing I would do is to ensure that I get total financial freedom. I would do whatever I wanted to do; no restrictions.

Then I would pay off every bit of debt that I have (which is thankfully not very much). I would make sure that my parents have everything they need and desire for the rest of their lives. I would renovate their house and start a business for them so they won’t get bored at home. After that I would contribute to the financial well-being of my siblings and best friends. I would provide educational funding for my baby brother, my nieces and nephews. I’d take care of all my family and friends who have been so generous to me through the years. If I had that amount I would fill my family’s life with people like my Angelic godmother. If I have kids, I want them to know that the world is full of good people who can teach us fun and interesting things. I have 7 guardian angels that have been part of my life. I want to bless them each. All my loved ones would be blessed after all is taken care of.

I would take MINE on the best vacation. We’d spare no expense, and just enjoy our time together. And I would buy him every gadget he wants (I know his wish list is a mile long). Next I would build my dream house. And I would buy myself a car (and of course face my fears and learn how to drive) and buy mine a car as well (ibya lifuti wapi).

And I’d probably adopt children. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and there are so many children in Rwanda who are just waiting to be adopted. I love children.

Then I would find a financial advisor (I trust) to help me budget and invest the rest of the money so I’d have enough to live off of for the rest of my life and my children could go to any school of their choosing; and so that I can always give to others when they’re in need.

I can’t see myself ‘not working’ though. I could still be working but just choose how much time I spend on my work. I could see supporting many great causes and helping those who want to do great things, but just don’t have the resources. I have been helped and I would definitely like to thank and return the favor by helping others. This is why I’d like to grow it to an even larger number.

To cut it short, I would ensure my financial independence, have some fun, and spend the rest of my time making a difference in other people’s lives. Or I would wake up and get back to work, because I would be dreaming. But if I could manage to dream a little longer ─ I love the aspect of freedom that it would instantly give me.

Start daydreaming too ─ it’s good for you.


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