My Love For Jeans

Jeans are like men.
It is very difficult to find one that you really love and that fits you really well.

With your body and your soul. And when it happens you want to keep them with you for your whole life.
Perhaps jeans are even better than men. They never tell you that you speak too loud or too much…they protect you and keep you warm in windy days…without asking for it.

Jeans started out as cheap, tough work-wear. But jeans have remained cheap, a true egalitarian uniform for anyone anti-fashion.

The only pair I’ve ever liked cost me 4000frw. They are the right length and stretchy enough on the waist not to divide me in three like an insect. I intend to replace the button, have them re-hemmed or even patch the ass — once they fall apart. The most expensive pair I own cost me 8000frw if I remember well. Yes, 8000frw! I only buy cheap jeans. Generally, I have nothing against expensive stuff — but I just can’t get behind the idea of paying 20000frw or more for a pair of jeans. I had no plans of shopping that day. But when I stepped into the shop, the guy forced them on me (abacuruzi niko bakora) and I proceeded to cough up 8000frw for those jeans. I still wear them. They have faded and lost all their glory—let’s just say I got my money’s worth.

Jeans still fit you even after that wonderful brochette you had with a Fanta.

They are with you on your first date…and your handsome gentleman will always remember how good they looked on you. You will always remember your first concert when you didn’t know what to wear and in the end you decided to wear your favorite pair of jeans.

Jeans are the basis of the outfit you don’t have to think about. One that’s acceptable everywhere. Almost anything can be matched with (skinny) jeans!

And for a girl with a petite height & size like me…some are too long and trail on the floor like discarded snake-skins. I know I could simply accept I am short and leave the whole jeans thing to supermodels, but
not owning jeans feels like not owning a bag ― a weird omission.
I keep old jeans in the hope of putting them back on.

I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Until recently when my Mother Vicki started buying me dresses, I never anything else apart from jeans. Jeans are very comfy ― I even sleep in them. Talk about a long tiresome day. There’s another reason I love Jeans. Rides on motorbikes. It’s next to impossible to ride on a motorbike in a dress/skirt.

Jeans will never say goodbye until you decide to put them in the bottom of your closet. But there will be a day that you take them out of your wardrobe and you start to love them again…as if it was love at first sight.

Treat them well because they are loyal friends with whom you can spend a whole life!


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