How bad…?

Everyone has a bad habit. I too, have some bad habits…things I should not do but do. And that doesn’t make a bad person (does it?) And as much as people love rumors, they love to know the dirty little secrets of other people.

So here are mine…

  • I spend too much money. And yes, when I go into a store or to the market, I want everything! EVERYTHING! Thank heavens I always go shopping with my son, otherwise I would be so broke and in tons of debts. I usually threaten to cry when he drags me away/out. Sometimes when I finally convince him to let me buy something, I don’t use it.
  • Breaking my promises to myself. I have always wanted to commit to a healthier routine and keep saying to myself ‘go jogging.’ Instead of keeping my promise, I lay on the bed all day, telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow!
  • I oversleep. I watch movies well into the night so I get to sleep late and have trouble getting up the next morning. Even when I don’t sleep late, I always struggle getting out of bed! No matter how much sleep I get! WARNING: I sometimes am the laziest person you will ever meet in all of history!
  • I spend way too much time on the internet! I tell myself only for thirty minutes, but then I get so distracted on something so I expand my promised time and thirty minutes soon turns into two hours! I log out of my laptop and log in with my phone and continue…
  • And my worst habit is…PROCRASTINATING!! I got to admit, I’m a great procrastinator. I would say, one of the best. When I’m procrastinating, I tend to read articles, watch films (sometimes 3 a day) and go through my blog dashboard. I never see this as just procrastination, I’m actually expanding my knowledge…once I read or see something, it stays in my head and that helps me decrease my research time. I always do huge projects and homework assignments at the last minute. The same applies for reading for exams! I would say that I work efficiently under pressure! However I still always get good grades and the teachers never know I do all at the last minute. I very well know myself and this is a double edge sword. I know what I’m capable of, which makes me too calm. The best (and worst) thing I know about myself is my incredible efficiency; I can make significant changes in less than a day and always find ways to work. Knowing this means I allow myself to leave it for a later date rather than tackle it head on. And when I get things done days ahead of time, it still keeps me on edge knowing I haven’t done enough. To those procrastinators out there, I know you can all relate.




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