Waiting, waitinggg…WAITING!

I’m a shopaholic! I admit!

Whenever we have no lectures, I am in town shopping (with my son!). So the other day, I was early in campus for lectures, and guess what? The CP told me that the lecturer was not coming! WOOOOW, I wanted to go back and resume my sleep (mporana ibitotsi, sinjya mbyinginga!) but then decided to go to town. I called my son and told him to meet me near campus. I had no money on me, so we went to the bank first…

The banking hall was crowded. I met a long queue of people who had got to the bank before me. I almost cried…I hadn’t got my ATM card then (and thanks to the ATM machine which was out of service!). So, I had no choice, but to join the queue. The most annoying part of it all was that the bank was under-staffed (kandi ubwo hari utuzu nka dutandatu!). The queue ran around the banking hall and didn’t move at all in the first half hour i was there.

Then there comes this lady, in her mid 30s. She is wearing a pair of black trousers with red stripes, a white t-shirt, and white high-heels that made her walk like a grasshopper. She has a big brown wig that is floating on her head (iyo aca munsi y’igiti, perruque yari gusigaramo) As though she is sponsored by Nike! She digs for her cheque book from her bag (yazanye amatwi nk’ikaye y’umwana wiga primaire!)

“Umva Sista…ko uduciyeho?” She turns to look at the guy…

“The line we’ve all been waiting on starts back there.” the guy adds, pointing to distant place… She rolls her eyes and walks all the way up the queue and barged to the front, bold as brass.

An old man queuing in front of me (who hadn’t heard the guy maybe) asks her if she realized she was jumping in and did it on purpose, or if she just did not see the line that’s formed?

“I know, but I am busy.” she said. She went on to add that she hated lines.

I felt like shouting “WE ALL DO YOU IDIOT!”

Though I was able to carry out my transaction, it was later than expected due to the long queue of customers in the bank, and…


She thought we had not seen her just walk over and stand in front of all of us like that, ignoring the queue the rest of us kind citizens had got going on? I could feel her ignorance vibes like if she didn’t acknowledge us in any way she can get away with pushing in. I knew that for the following three minutes I was going to hate her with the fire of a thousand suns, because it’s so effing RUDE, but I was probably never going to say anything. I tried to rationalize it like “Is it really going to ruin my day if this inconsiderate person wants to be served before me?” 5511585527_27a5cb0dfd

Queue jumpers just get my blood boiling!



And how could I forget that girl who feels like every step I move forward in the line requires her to be right behind, breathing on my neck. BACK THE HELL UP AND CALM DOWN.

Alright, venting session over but…I’m resorting to keeping my money in my bra! Period!


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