It’s 8:10AM and I still haven’t gotten out of bed yet. I mean, I know that I should. I just need to get out of bed and start my day. Not eating lunch or even possibly being late for lectures is but a small price to pay to stay in a bed this comfortable.

Decisions, decisions…*I’m stalling*

It seems that no matter how much I sleep, I’ve a hard time getting up. Sometimes I feel really dead in the morning…eyes struggling to stay open, zombie-like! I’ve been like this since I can remember. I’ll stretch for like half an hour and think about things before I get up. Sometimes I end up just rolling right over again!

Time check: 10:00AM

I’m still not out of bed yet! I have to will myself to wake up and get up. I probably could have slept for another 3 hours but I simply have to get something done today.



My body is still adjusting from going from the comfy bed. Crawling out of my comfy bed in the morning is no easy task. It’s like dragging myself up from deep underwater with cement blocks tied to my feet. I’m not a morning person. Mornings should start in the afternoon. 12 consecutive hours of sleep would be the height of lovely!

I remember (as a kid) when I was told to go to bed, I would protest: “Nta bitotsi mfite! Nijoro ntabwo nsinzira ntariye!” Or I would think to myself “Naps? During day-time? Do you think I’m a fool? We all know people sleep at night!”

Now as an adult: Can I go to bed yet?

As a child I hated naps. It used to feel like torture when I was made to nap. Now it’s torture to ever not be napping! Kid me was missing out! Nothing compares anymore! If someone would tell me to take a nap every day, I’d love it…I’d never fight it! I wish I’d appreciated afternoon naps as a kid…I miss them now! I just wish there was a rollover program for all the naps I didn’t take then.


My mom always said “Uzifuza kuryama ubibure!”

When I got in high school I always remembered her words and wished I could go back in time. We had classes from 8:00AM to 4:30PM. I was never used to having afternoon classes. And that’s when I started longing for the naps. I never thought it would happen. I always took my mom’s words as jokes, to get us to nap just!

I always wished we never had classes in the afternoon, or the teacher to be absent, or rain heavily…because I would be dozing the whole afternoons. That feeling when your body is heavy and is pulling you down into sleep and you simply can’t fight it any more. It’s definitely not a I-think-I-will-go-take-a-nap moment because I’m bored. It’s a deep physical need to sleep.

And it’s hard to wake up. All the afternoon classes were boring and a waste of time!

The worst part of it all is when someone wakes me up.

“…byuka usigarane umwana” my mom would say, waking me up in the morning  to attend to my baby brother.

“Mhhhhmmm…” and roll over again.

“Byuka ndagiye”

Then I would get out of bed, bring him in bed, and lock the door so that he doesn’t get out. In less than a minute, he would be up again…sitting on my head, or worse, banging on the door crying that I let him out. Thanks Heavens, he is a baby no more! Grrrhh, I hated that boy back then!

All I know is if I’m woken before I actually wake, I’m angry and I want to bite the person’s head off!


I don’t like being woken by an alarm either; it feels like I’m having a heart attack!

What I need NOW is a strategy for getting my lazy butt out of bed in the morning.


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