There are a lot of things I don’t want to do.


Because of personal taste.

I think that everyone should have some sort of list like this, whether it’s written down, or just simply in that noggin of yours somewhere. Having such a list allows us to maximize every moment we have and live life to the fullest.

This list is full of items that I hope I don’t ever have to do, see, hear or experience in my lifetime (again). After all, life is just too short to repeat what didn’t work for you the first time.

  • imagesI will never lose sight of who my closest true friends are. Though I can count them on one hand, they are the people that truly care about me and my happiness. They mean the most to me and I will never allow myself to forget about them or what they have done for me. (K.J.V. you rock, girls!)
  • Donate blood. And this doesn’t make me a selfish person.
  • I will never run for political office.
  • 117fda612dd0363b2c3c28550c852bd6Outgrow my weirdness. Being a little crazy is a good thing, it means you’re human. It’s the trying to contain and hide the crazy, so you can keep up appearances, that causes the real madness. Ask my son, he will tell you I am CRAZY.
  • I will never give up on life. Even though it is hard, I always have something worth living for.
  • Cheat on anyone in any relationship. Why waste energy on a million guys when I could put that energy towards learning with the man I choose above all others?
  • I will never wear fake anything. No fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake ass, fake eyelashes. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  • Nag my boyfriend/husband.
  • I will never stop saying “thank you”.
  • Willingly touching or consuming a reptile – any reptile
  • I will never have a pet cat. I sort of believe that cats are evil creatures.
  • Fight (with another woman) over a guy. I think this is pointless. I was not raised to degrade myself in this manner.
  • I will never wear bikinis.
  • Become a vegetarian. Apologies, but I just love my meat. Beef, pork, goat meat…
  • I will never smoke or try drugs. Not the illegal type, or pills, to me they are all the same.
  • Worrying about what tomorrow brings/holds. Worrying about the future i as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing gum.
  • I will never care about materialistic/designer anything. Why buy branded stuff that’s worth a kidney? Even if I have money to use as toilet paper, I’m never buying expensive stuff. I like to think that I could spend my money on much more important things (like traveling with my Dolphin or spoiling him).
  • Kill someone. I really don’t want to accidentally (or not) murder anyone, or be forced to because of self-defense. I pray I never kill someone. I’d have a pretty hard time with that.
  • Use public toilets (especially those in bus parks and market places). Some things are just not worth the risk and this is one of them. I would rather have my bladder literally explode than relieve myself in one of those.
  • I will never call a radio station and request a Song.
  • I will never get plastic surgery. No thanks. I like the way I look. I’m accustomed to the face I see in the mirror, and the hints of those it resembles.
  • Consciously break the law. I wouldn’t survive prison.
  • Take life too seriously: there are a lot of serious things in life, and if you can’t laugh then you might as well put yourself into solitary confinement.
  • I will never let my independence slip away. Regardless if I am in a committed relationship, engaged, or married.
  • End up in an Emergency Room wearing my worst pair of underwear. They say one never knows what the day may bring and, God forbid, you need some medical attention and are dying of embarrassment, wearing your worn out panties in front of a cute doctor.
  • Lose my hair. Imagine me with no hair. Bald. My face is chubby as is. Now if I lost all my hair, oh my gosh!

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