Don’t hit LIKE

“If you miss heaven you can never miss hell…think about it. Hell is not a pretty place.


Please note that only 7% will re-send this message.

Don’t be among the 93% who will not share the message.

Do not send later. Send now.

May Almighty God grant GOOD success to everyone who reads”


These are few of the dumbest, most worthless posts/messages I see in social media. I wonder what goes through the brains of some people when they compose such messages. Some of them even go on to tell you that God is watching and that it is a test to see if you really love Him. And some even come with a warning at the end: IF YOU DON’T FORWARD, SOMETHING VERY BAD WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.

Seriously?! You really believe that a chain social media post is the way God would choose to test me? Is a casual click of a button really going to display my character and reveal the depths of my soul? Come on! If you write that it is a test from God, and God did not lead you to write it, I dare call that blasphemous. Be careful when you’re speaking on behalf of the Almighty. He don’t play games!

“…So re-post/share this. Remember…God saw you read it” God also saw that some control freak is manipulating others into forwarding meaningless and often incorrect messages.

hahI appreciate the fact that you are trying to spread the word about Jesus/God. I really do. However, do you think people see the love of Christ in what you are describing as a test? There are other ways you can get your point across without seeming like you are trying to guilt people into following your lead. I believe that God cares about every aspect of our lives because He loves us so much. However, I would be more than surprised if Facebook/Whatsapp is a primary area of His concern.

Honestly, I believe the people that post these things have good intentions. I think that, in their minds, they are spreading the gospel. However, I have a hard time believing it is an effective way to show people how much God loves them.

These Jesus/God chain-letter type “re-post/like/share if you REALLY love Jesus” things are just silly. My faith and my love are not to be measured by whether I like your inauthentic photo/tool of judgement. “Liking” pages is one thing, “liking” stupid sayings is something else entirely.

These are nothing but superstitious statements. They are a form of spiritual enslavement. They are an attempt to control people with one’s own ideas. Actually this is the same sort of control that so many try on us with those emails that will change exactly nothing, even if everyone in the world reads them. I can’t hit delete fast enough.


Don’t worry Angela, God won’t condemn for refusing to pass along some Snopes-worthy story.


I always thought that a story or joke should get passed on by its own merit. If you have to resort to guilting people or issuing veiled threats, then it’s not worth passing on. In any case, the vast majority of these stories from chain messages/Facebook posts are not even true.

I am wishing people would not support a post started by someone unknown, who has no authority to say “Share this if you love God, and if you don’t, it means you don’t love God and you might even go to hell.” Yeah, I want people to stop and realize that THAT IS WRONG.

That won’t happen though, so I at bare minimum just wish I would not get those posts anymore.


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