The Plug-in Drug

I’ve been binge-watching House of Cards. I so very much love it. I don’t know why I wasn’t watching it before now. It’s because I watch several series (not just Game of Thrones).

*opens folder to count*

18 TV shows. Well, make them 26…I have to add like 8 more to the ‘to-watch’ list, because I just have to. But with so many TV shows calling for attention these days, you almost need special powers to separate the truly great from the passable. I am on an obsessively ongoing quest to identify the very best TV shows as they come along…Game of Thrones, HTGAWM, House of Cards, Sense8 (idiots cancelled it), Supernatural (even after 12 seasons, I’m still watching it. Yeah, I might have attachment issues), The Vampire Diaries (totally pulls it off for me). Now, I’m way behind on most of them… 

However, I must admit that there are other TV shows (that are just watchable), which I still watch anyway. Well, never underestimate the power of boredom. 

Anyways, binge-watching these TV shows affects my normal functioning. This is the time when I usually make stews for lunch or supper, because if I decide to cook I lose the minutes I’d planned to watch a new episode or movie. When food is ready, I immediately head to my room, switch on the PC and put on my headphones. You see, we live under the flight path of KIA, so some aircrafts fly over screaming above the rooftop that they make it impossible to hear when watching a movie or having a conversation with someone. Either you miss out hearing every other minute. Or you pause, let the plane pass and then resume later. So, I just put on headphones to avoid the disruptions (though I can still hear them through my earphones). 

This is a sad existence, right?


Speaking of TV shows, I’m not evangelical by nature, but there are lots of underrated TV shows. It’s no fun, but rather sad to watch a gem of a TV show not get the attention that it deserves, it really breaks my heart. Like which one? Glad you asked. I’ve made it my duty to inform everyone (reading this blog) about those shows that I personally feel need a little bit more love. You’ll thank me later.

  1. Orphan Black, a show about human clones. The sestras. I like how Tatiana Maslany portrays the amazing complex clone characters (six clones that get the most screen time and numerous others with smaller roles). Tatiana provides each clone with an individual identity. She slips into their personalities that it is easy to forget that it’s the exact same actress playing all those characters. The layers of acting are unmatched. Orphan Black is a really good show, thumps up from me.
  2. iZombie, a show about a high-functioning zombie, Olivia “Liv” Moore. Liv works at a morgue, helping a detective (Babineaux) solve murders. She does so by eating the deceased’s brain and gets visions of their death. It’s amazing in an often-completely-ridiculous way, but it hurts my soul that more people aren’t watching iZombie. 
  3. Lucifer. If you haven’t watched Lucifer, bye, go watch it. The show is about Lucifer Morningstar a.k.a. the king of hell who (because of boredom), quits his job, abandoning his throne and goes to live in Los Angeles. And with his abilities, he tries to help humanity. But don’t mess with Lucifer.
  4. Limitless. Go watch Brian Finch.

Wait a minute…

Did I mention that I have lots of drawings to make, bags to sew, and lots of books to read? But I never seem to find the time. I don’t read half (honestly, not even a tenth) as many books as I would like to. For instance, I have had this book for over a month but I haven’t read past page 15. Why? For one, you can blame it on the TV shows. Two, every reading position seems to get uncomfortable after 5 minutes, or even too comfortable that I end up falling asleep. Also, reading on a screen isn’t good because it dries up the eyes. So, I do other things instead. But those are just excuses. Bad time management could be just another. I’m really ashamed of myself. I’d like to read more books and practice more art. I really should expand my hobbies. 

I need to do something about it.

Maybe after watching this new episode.

This little screen is evil, I’m telling you. 


I Have A Story…

Today I have a story to tell. A true story. An ugly story, not a fairy tale.

Yesterday morning, I woke up in a jolly mood. The previous night, I had had a salad and I had the best dreams. My bed is comfortable and safe that I slip inside it and minutes later I’m in dreamland. That night I dreamt about one good friend of mine whom I miss so very much. The dream was vivid and more exciting than my real life. I woke up missing him ten-fold that I wanted to holla at him. Unfortunately, I lost his number (well I got his number. Thanks for asking).

Through the window, I could see the sun replace the moon. The morning that comes too early, wondering why my time with bae has been cut short, yet again. As I tossed and turned in my bed, I sighed. I just didn’t want to leave my bed (but is it just my bed that gets extra comfy in the morning, or?) And I miss my friend. By nature, I am a sensitive person and I feel many things on a way deeper level. Yeah, I am a weird person…keep moving. Thank you. 

So, I had plans with Vicki, to go shopping (what would I do without my Vicki?) and later attend a wedding. I went to her place. However, I should have called her before heading there because what happened after arriving at her place was in a word, AGONIZING!

There were kids playing in the compound. 5 or 7 kids. One of the kids, a cute little boy, told me that Tantine is not there. Whaaat? Maybe she went to the shops? Maybe she went to buy airtime? That’s what I thought. I got my phone and tried to call her…but I’d no credit on my phone! Aaaarrggh! 

As I was fidgeting with my phone, buying airtime, another girl approached me and told me (again) that Tantine is not there. I ask her whether Tantine had told her where she went, to which she obviously replied “No” (what was I even thinking asking her that anyway?) Finally, minutes later I talk to Vicki and she tells me she’s on her way. I just had to wait.
I sat quietly by the doorstep, enjoying Vit D, waiting… 

“Is Tantine your friend?” the boy asks me.

“Yes, she is”

“She’s our friend too. She brings us biscuits” he says as he goes to join the others.

The girl comes back abruptly, and asks me why I’m still there, why I haven’t left yet *rolls eyes*…she was starting to get my damn nerves. They all were. 

I was getting super bored. So, I played music on the iPod.
The girl came back, sat next to me, and asked to listen to what I was listening to. Then she asked me to lend it to her.

“NO!” I replied instantly.

Off she went. I wore my gloomy face to scare them off…and I thought it was over. But minutes later, every kid wanted to listen from my earphones. And they almost tore apart my earphones.

And that was it. They were driving me up the wall. I closed my eyes, counted to ten, took a deep breath, grabbed my bag and walked away. I went and stood by the roadside, waiting for Vicki…

Minutes later Vicki came and we went back to her place. And we didn’t go to the wedding.

Fast forward to 6 PM, we were heading to town for shopping. Buses take longer to get there and it was getting late, so we took motorbikes. It was beginning to drizzle. But the intermittent drizzle was little and didn’t spoil our shopping. And before heading back home, Vicki gave me some money that I kept in my purse. When I reached home, I looked for the money to buy airtime but it was gone! I don’t know how. The note must have fallen from the purse, but I didn’t notice it. I then asked for some money (from Mom) and I sent the househelp to buy me airtime. And guess what? The airtime was sent to another number. To a wrong number. Yeah, great!

I woke up feeling red hot but went to bed feeling like I was in a deep freeze.


Gusura umugeni

Hashiraga iminsi mike bakajya gusura umugeni. Hagendaga umushyingira, umukwe mukuru na musaza we, bakajyana inzoga, amata, ifu.

Barikaga amazi, maze bakavuga umutsima. Amazi yavomwaga n’umugabo na muramu we (umugabo yajyanaga ikibindi, muramu we akaza kukizamukana ku iriba). Umugeni, umusore, umushyingira n’umukwe mukuru bose bashyiraga inkono ku ziko icya rimwe bafatanyije. Bafataga agaseke karimo ifu y’amakoma, bagasuka ifu mu nkono irimo amazi yabize. Bafataga umwuko bose uko ari bane, bakavanga ya mazi n’ifu. Umutsima umaze gushya, uko ari bane, bahagurukiraga icya rimwe, bafashe umwuko bose, bagashyira umutsima mu cyibo, maze bakawusangira bose.

Kwogosha amasunzu

Musaza we ni we wamwogoshaga. Yaba atabizi, yamukozagaho icyuma, maze ababizi bakamwogosha. Umugabo we yagombaga gutanga isuka cyangwa igitare cyo guhongera umugore we ngo yemere ko bamuvanaho amasunzu. Bamaze kumwogosha amasunzu, umusatsi bawushyiraga mu gaseke kajemo ifu, bagashyiramo igitare cyangwa isuka, bagafata n’uruhu yatahanye, maze musaza we akabijyana iwabo. Yabiherezaga nyina ati: “Dore amasunzu y’umwana wawe koko yabaye umugore” 

Amasunzu n’uruhu byarabikwaga kugeza igihe umugeni abyariye. Uruhu rwambarwaga na murumuna we cyangwa nyina akarwisasira ku buriri kugeza rushaje.

Kuva ubwo bakaba babonye uburenganzira bwo gutaha mu rugo rwabo.


Umugeni amaze gusama inda, ababyeyi n’umugabo bamwitaho, bakamurinda imirimo ivunanye nawe akirinda ibyatuma avanamo inda byose.

Inkuru imaze kumenyekana ko umubyeyi amaze kuruhuka, mu babyeyi b’aho yashatse n’aho avuka, bose bamuha impundu “Ahiiiiii, uwo mubyeyi niyonkwe”. Iwabo boherezaga nyina n’inzoga (bita MPORE KOMERA) zo kureba umwana yabyaye. Basigaraga bitegura kumuhemba. 

Umubyeyi yahamaga ku kiriri iminsi umunani. Ishize, umubyeyi yarasohokaga. Bakoraga umunsi mukuru wo kwerekana umubyeyi n’umwana yabyaye. 

Guhemba umubyeyi: ni ukumushimira ko yunguye umuryango, yawubyariye umutabazi cyangwa umugeni, ko yongereye amaboko aho yashatse. Ni no kumuha icyubahiro mu muryango yashatsemo, ntawashoboraga kumwirukana aho yabyaye. Imiryango yombi (aho avuka n’aho yashatse) ihemba umubyeyi. Ibihembo by’umubyeyi byari bigizwe n’ibintu byinshi birimo: 

  • inzoga z’amarwa n’inzagwa
  • amata menshi bitewe n’uko batunze
  • inkwi zo gucanira umubyeyi (byibura umuba umwe). 

Iyo yabaga yabyaye umuhungu, bajyanaga se w’umukobwa iyo yabaga akiriho. Iyo yabaga yabyaye umukobwa, hagendaga nyina cyangwa se wabo. 

Kwerekana umwana: umubyeyi yagiraga igihe akajyana umwana iwabo, kumwerekana. Ntiyagendaga imbokoboko, yajyanaga inzoga. Iwabo bashoboraga kumuha isuka, intama cyangwa inka iyo ari abatunzi.

Niyo umugabo yamutaye, aba afite uruhare mu munani w’umugabo wamushatse, ashobora guhama mu rugo rwe kuko abana bamuzirika aho yababyariye, bamuhesha icyubahiro iyo atananiranye ubwe. 

Indongoranyo: ni ikimenyetso cy’uko umuntu yakoye, akwiye kugarurirwa mu byo yatanze. Abakoye inka, ikabyara, ikororoka, batangaga indongoranyo yo gufasha abana bubatse. Yari uburyo bwo kugoboka abana. Umugeni ni we wayihabwaga, ntiyahabwaga umugabo we. Iyo inka yakowe yapfaga, badatunze izindi, barekeragaho.


Gushyingira ni umwe mu mico abanyarwanda bahuriyeho impande zose. Ariko bamwe bafite ibyo bihariye, bitewe n’uturere bakomokamo.

Ibi byose nabikuye mu gitabo kitwa “UBUKWE BW’ABANYARWANDA” cyanditswe na Sylvestre NDEKEZI




Uwo muhango ni wo ukomeye. Abakwe bamaze kugeza umugeni kwa sebukwe, abashyitsi barakirwa, bagahabwa inzoga. Babaga bateguye ikibindi cy’amarwa, n’imiheha y’abakwe n’abasangwa ingana. Habanzaga gusoma sebukwe n’umukwe mukuru, hanyuma hagasoma babiri mu bakwe na babiri mu basangwa. Bamaze kunywa, se w’umusore yahamagaraga umuhungu we ati: “Kanaka ngwino”. Umusore yarahagurukaga, se akamufata ukuboko bakagenda basanga aho umugeni yicaranye n’abandi bakobwa n’umushyingira. Umushyingira yigizagayo abakobwa bose, umugeni agasigara ahicaye. Mushiki we yabaga atwaye umwishywa (akatsi bazinze nk’urugori) n’imbazi (utubuto tw’imbazi baraduhondaga bakavanga n’amata y’inka y’isugi, ari yo nka itarapfushije). Umusore yamushyiragaho ikiganza, mushiki we akamuhereza imbazi mu nkongoro. Umusore yabundaga imbazi mu matama, agacira mu mutwe w’umugeni, agafata umwishywa akawamushyira mu mutwe ati: “Ndakurongoye, ndi mwene kanaka” akivuga. Abagore bakavuza impundu, abagabo bakivuga.

Birangiye umusore aba amaze kuba umugabo. Yasubiraga mu bagabo agahabwa intebe ye, bakamuha inzoga mu gacuma, akanywa wenyine.

  • Umugeni wabaga yakoreweho iyo mihango yumvaga ko yarongowe, umusore yabaga amufiteho uruhare, kandi n’ababyeyi be ntibashobore kumwima uwamurongoye. Uwo muhango ni wo wasimbuwe na “NDAMWEMEYE”. N’umugeni bibye atiteguye bakamwambika umwishywa cyangwa igikangaga, yumva ko yarongowe, bakamuha umugabo we. Bitamunogeye, yashaka akavayo kandi atakowe. Yashima umugabo we, bakazaza nyuma kumukwa, akubaka.


Umusore amaze gucira imbazi no kwambika umwishywa, mushiki we yafataga imbazi akazigumana. Umushyingira yambura umwishywa, akawizirikaho. Bagasuka imbazi nke mu nzoga.

  • Ababyeyi b’umuhungu bakira umwishywa:

Bajyaga ahiherereye kwakira umwishywa, nyuma bakagaruka mu bandi, inkera igakomeza kugeza bukeye. Abakobwa bararirimbaga bagahoza umugeni bati: “Ihorere mukobwa ubaye nk’abandi”.

Bukeye, abakwe bavugaga imisango (amagambo yo gusoza). Bavugaga ubutumwa bw’ababyeyi, bashingana umwana wabo (muzadufatire umwana neza, ananiranye muzamuhishire mumutwoherereze neza). Birangiye, bagaherekezwa.

  • Ababyeyi b’umugeni bakira umwishywa:

Bakiraga umwishywa ari uko abaherekeje umugeni bageze aho. Umwishywa bawujyanaga wose, imbazi bagatwara igice, ikindi cyasigaraga iwabo w’umuhungu. Umushyingira ni we wajyanaga imbazi, umwishywa n’inzoga y’umwishywa (iba irimo imbazi) mu gaseke. Ababyeyi b’umugeni baherezwa inzoga y’umwishywa bagasomaho hanyuma bakakira umwishywa. Ibyo ni byo byerekanaga ko umugeni yashyingiwe.

Birangiye, umukwe mukuru yavugaga uko bagiye, uko basohoje umugeni, uko bafashwe, uko baherekejwe. Hanyuma bagashimirwa, bakabazimanira.

  • Abageni bakira umwishywa:

Yaba ari umugeni waturutse bugufi cyangwa uwaturutse kure, babariraga ko ababyeyi b’umugeni bamaze kwakira umwishywa, na bo bakakira umwishywa.

Mu ijoro rikurikira umunsi w’ubukwe, umusore n’umugeni ni ho babonanaga.


Musaza w’umugeni wabaga yamuherekeje ni we wacaga hagati. Igihe cyateguwe mu rindi joro, bajyanaga umugeni n’umusore iwabo, musaza we akajyana na bo. Bagiye kubonana, musaza we yirambikaga hagati yabo. Umusore yabwiraga muramu we ati: “Mbisa” undi akanga. Yagombaga kumuhongera, akamuha inka cyangwa isuka cyangwa igitare cyangwa ikindi kintu, noneho muramu we akabava hagati, akisubirira mu bandi.

Guca hagati byari ukwerekana mushiki we, no kwerekana ko umugabo bamuhaye ari we koko, babanye ubwa mbere.

GUKIRANA: ni umugenzo wakorwaga mbere yo kuryamana, bakarwana barushanya imbaraga kugeza igihe umukobwa aganjirijwe, akemera. Umugeni babanzaga kumusiga amavuta menshi umusore yamufata akanyerera, ariko agakoresha imbaraga ze kugeza igihe amuganjirije.

Bakiranaga kugira ngo umugeni yerekane ko ari isugi, atararuwe n’ibyo, atari icyomanzi. 



  • Umusore araye ari bushyingirwe:

Bamutegaga amasunzu, bakamwogosha ubwanwa, bakamuca inzara. Bamwambikaga impu z’imikane cyangwa indengera z’abagabo. Bamwambikaga ibitare n’inigi nshya. Umusore yarikenuraga hose, akabonera, abandi bahungu bakamwigisha uko azifata mu bukwe, uko azabana n’umugore, uko azarongora: gucira imbazi, kwambika umwishywa, gukirana. Abahungu bamuherekezaga hose bakamumara ubwoba, bakamutera ubutwaringo atazabaka ishema agahemuza umuryango.

Bateganyaga abahungu bajijutse, baboneye bo kuyobora umukwe no kumugira inama. Bakamurinda kwandagara, kwifata nabi, no gukubagana. Bamwigishaga uko azaramukanya, uko azifata mu bukwe, uko azicara, uko azavuga bamubajije, uko azivuga amaze kurongora. Babaga ari abarimu muri byose, mu muco, mu myifatire, mu mvugo no mu bitekerezo.

  • Umugeni araye ari bushyingirwe:

Bamwogoshaga amasunzu, bakamukenura hose. Umushyingira ni we wahindukaga umwigisha we. Ababyeyi bamutoreraga umwigisha uzi ubwenge, wubatse ndetse ubyaye, akaba umwegereye mu muryango wabo. Yamwigishaga uko azifata mu gihe cyo kurongorwa, uko azifata nahura n’umugabo we, uko azakirana. Yamwigishaga uko azatinya, akamwigisha kutazagira inda nini mu biryo (umugeni ntiyaryaga cyane, ahubwo yanywaga amata cyangwa ibindi byoroshye. Ntiyanywaga inzoga). Umugeni yagombaga kwisiga no kwiyuhagira kenshi. 

Batoraga abakwe benshi ko guherekeza umugeni, abagabo benshi n’abasore, n’abakobwa benshi. Bateguraga umwe muri basaza be, uzajya guca hagati. Batoranyaga umukobwa cyangwa umuja bazasigarana. Bateguraga uruhu rushya azagenda yambaye, bagategura n’intamyi zo kuboha, umubavu wo kujya yosa inkanda, bakamwigisha uko bayinyukanyuka, uko bayishishima. Bamwigishaga guteka, gusasa, gutegura mu nzu no kumenya kwakira abantu. Bamwigishaga uko bagira icyubahiro cy’abakuru, gutsinda sebukwe na nyirabukwe. Bamwigishaga n’indi migenzo y’abagore.

Ibyo umugeni yatahanaga ajya gushyingirwa, byari birimo:

  • igisabo cyo gucunda, cyagendaga imbere y’inka
  • urusyo n’ingasire
  • ubutega (ubugoyi, ubunyaga cyangwa ubujogano)
  • ibiseke birimo amavuta (amavuta yoseheje hamwe n’andi akuze yo guteka), imikondo, icwende
  • inkono ivuga
  • ikigagara (urutete rwo kwosa inkanda)
  • ibiremo byo kwihanaguza 
  • inkanda z’imikane zo kuryamamo no kwiyorosa


Imyiteguro mu muryango yombi yarangiye, hakurikiragaho kwohereza umukobwa ku bamusabyeho umugeni. Kera ubukwe bwatahaga nijoro. Nta mukobwa washoboraga kwijyana kwa sebukwe nk’aho nta muryango agira cyangwa nk’uwaciwe mu muryango. Yaraherekezwaga, bikerekana ko avuye mu muryango. Mu bamuherekeje, bamwe bagendaga bamuhetse, abandi bamushagaye. Umugeni yagendaga mu kirago.


Abakwe bageze hafi y’aho bajya gushyingira, barisuganyaga, bakitunganya, bagakurikirana.  Abagabo bamwe bajyaga imbere, abandi bakajya inyuma y’abakwe bose. Abakobwa bajyaga hagati bakikije umugeni. 

Iyo bageraga iyo babaga bagiye, kwa se w’umuhungu bagombaga kwakira umushyitsi ubagendereye, ari we wagomba kuba umukazana wabo. Umugeni yakirwaga na sebukwe wabaga afashe icyuhagiro na nyirabukwe wabaga afashe umwuko. 

Mu irembo babaga bahatabye ingasire y’ikinanira, umugeni yahagera agashyiraho ibirenge byombi, akayihagararaho, bakamutera icyuhagiro. Bakamwokera, bamukoza umwuko ku ruhanga, mu gituza, ku ntugu zombi. Nk’uko yabaga yabibwiwe, yageraga mu marembo akanagira, agategereza ko bene urugo baza kuhamukura. Ntabwo bapfaga kuhamukura, bagombaga kugira icyo bamuha. Umugeni ntiyinjiraga mu nzu yo kwa sebukwe nta kintu arabona. Batangaga ibinyuranye bitewe n’uturere, hari aho batangaga inka cyangwa irindi tungo, abakene bagatanga isuka. Aho bitaberaga mu irembo, byaberaga mu irebe ry’umuryango. 
Umugeni yinjizwaga kwa sebukwe, akajya mu mbere hamwe n’abakobwa bose. Abakwe bakwaga inkoni zabo bakicwaza ukwabo (mu ruhande rwabo bihariye) bakurikije uko basumbana. Bakabazimanira inzoga y’amarwa n’urwagwa, bagatarama kugeza igihe umusore ahamagarwa na se ngo arongore.


Iyo umuhungu cyangwa umukobwa, babonaga ko akuze, ababyeyi bajyaga inama yo kumushyingira. Ababyeyi bombi bamaze kuzuza inama, babimenyeshaga inshuti zabo. Umuryango umaze kubyemeza, bashakaga abaranga. Bakagenzura uwo bazashyingiranwa. Bakabaza mu nshuti, mu bamenyi babo, mu bavandimwe, bakagerageza kubona umugeni cyangwa umusore utunganye.
Ababyeyi bihatiraga gushyingira heza, gushyingira neza, bakubakira abana koko.


Kuranga/kurangira byari ukumenya umugeni cyangwa umusore usaba umugeni. Abaranga babaga ari abantu bakuru bazi kureba, kwitegereza, gushungura, gusesengura, hanyuma bakazashyikiriza ubutumwa ababyeyi bombi. Umuryango w’umuhungu watoranyirizwaga n’abaranga bawo, n’uw’umukobwa bikagenda uko. Ntawashyingiraga aho atazi, adafite umuntu we. 

Abaranga bagombaga kugenzura ibintu byinshi birimo: 

  • kumenya ubwiza, uburere, umubano w’aho basaba cyangwa aho umugeni azashyingirwa
  • kumenya ko nta sano umusore n’umukobwa bafitanye
  • kumenya umuryango umusore/umugeni avukamo, imico n’umutungo bafite
  • kumenya ko nta nenge iri mu muryango bagiye gushyingira (ubuhemu, ubugiranabi, urubwa, ubunebwe, kwiyandarika…) 

Ababyeyi bashoboraga kohereza umusore cyangwa umukobwa ku muranga cyangwa inshuti, akamara iminsi/ibyumweru, akirebera uwo uwo bamusabira/umusaba. Yashima akemera, yamugaya agahakana.

Umuranga amaze kubona umukobwa utunganye (mwiza, w’umutima, w’imico myiza,…) yabimenyeshaga ababyeyi b’umuhungu, na bo bakabimenyesha ab’umukobwa. Ababyeyi b’umukobwa nabo bamaze kumva iyo nkuru nziza, uko umuhungu ateye, uburere n’ibindi, bakaraguza, bakanaterekera. Nyuma bagasubiza iwabo w’umuhungu ko bemeye ko bazaza gusaba umukobwa wabo.


Iyo bwabaga ari ubwa mbere bagiyeyo, gusaba umugeni hagendaga se w’umuhungu kuko ari we nyiri umuryango. Iyo yabaga atagifite akabaraga ko kugenda cyangwa atakiriho, boherezaga umusimbura akaba ari we ujyayo mu kigwi cye. Umusimbura yabaga ari undi muntu wo mu muryango, yashoboraga kuba se wabo w’umuhungu. Mu gusaba ntawagendaga wenyine, hagendaga byibuze abantu bagera kuri bane. Iruhande rwabo hagendaga abandi bikoreye inzoga babatuye, kubera ko mu Kinyarwanda nta jambo ryambaye ubusa, kandi ngo ijambo rivugishijwe amatama gusa ntiryumvikana. Iyo bamaraga kwica akanyota, basubiraga mu misango noneho yo gusaba umugeni. 

Batangaga inkwano. Bamwe batangaga inka, abandi amasuka, abandi batangaga amatungo (ihene). Ibyo bajyanaga byagendaga bisumbana bitewe n’uturere n’umutungo w’umuryango.

  • Twibuke ko gusaba umugeni mu wundi muryango kwari ugushaka amaboko, umuryango ukaba mugari, ku buryo bazajya batabarana mu gihe cy’ibyago.
  • Inkwano itabonetse, batangaga umugeni w’ubuntu. Umugeni w’ubuntu yari asanzwe mu Rwanda. Baritondaga bagahaha, bakazabona gukwa, inkwano imaze kuboneka. Itabonetse bagakomeza kubaka. Inkwano ntiyarimo umururumba, ntiyarimo inyungu cyane, n’inzoga zatangwaga nazo zari nkeya hose.


    Gutebutsa ni ukujya kubaza no kuvuga igihe bazashyingirirwa. Umuryango w’umuhungu umaze kwemererewa umugeni, baratanze n’inkwano, hakurikiragaho umuhango wo gutebutsa. Wari umuhango wo gusaba uruhushya rwo kuzarongora, kuko nyiri umukobwa ni we wategekaga se w’umuhungu. Se w’umuhungu yasangaga uw’umukobwa bakavugana igihe, bagahana gahunda yo gushyingira. Imiryango yombi yerekana ibyifuzo byayo, bakajya impaka kugeza bumvikanye. Mu gutebutsa, bajyanaga inzoga imwe cyangwa ebyiri kandi hagendaga abaje gusaba umugeni. Habonetse impamvu, zibuza abasabye kujyayo, nibwo boherezaga abandi mu kigwi cyabo, kandi bakavuga impamvu aba mbere baje gusaba batabonetse.

    Bashoboraga gutinza ubukwe kubera imyiteguro. Gushyingira ntibihubikirwa. Umusore n’umugeni bagomba kwitegura, iwabo bagomba kwitwerereza mu nshuti no mu bavandimwe, bagombaga gutora umukwe mukuru n’umushyingira. Rimwe na rimwe bashoboraga kubabwira kuzaza kubaza ikindi gihe, na none bakazana inzoga baje kubaza. Byashoboraga gutinda amezi ndetse n’umwaka ugashira undi ugataha cyangwa bikihuta.

    I’m in the business of being awesome and the business is good.

    You lied to me and let me pour myself into you. I loved you. Always will. I fell in love, watched it grow, watched it change, and watched it fall apart. I stretched my heart for you but you bruised it. I hoped to find love but instead I found a beautiful disaster. Whatever we had (for lack of a better term) was built on a strong foundation of (my) delusion and (your) lies. I knew how crappy it was, but I couldn’t bring myself to walking out (damn comfort zone!) because you are/were the king of mixed signals. Every time I was starting to close the door, you knocked with the I LOVE YOUs, I NEED YOUs, I MISS YOUs and I would let you in. My worst fear in relationships is not knowing whether someone will hurt me or not. But you did. 
    You not only did not love me back, you were pursuing a relationship with another girl you really saw a future with. And you also cheated, but didn’t have the balls to tell me or try to work it out so you just put her photo on your profile, in the hopes that I would ask about her (dear God…) I inevitably found out the truth (about the cheating)… I was utterly heartbroken and overcame with grief that I just wanted to crawl into a hole and stay hidden there. 

    There are thousands of ways to get your heart broken; but, none are worse than getting cheated on. To be honest, cheating is something I never condoned nor even understood. I couldn’t understand how someone who said he loved me could treat me like how you did. I was inconsolable for weeks. It threw my heart off balance. Cheating is the worst. I thought I was smart, beautiful, caring, loving, a great partner…but then you threw me to the side as if I were garbage, and there I was, wondering if I was as great of a catch as I thought I was. I thought something was wrong with me and that’s a shitty feeling. How the hell did you even sleep at night? 

    Heads up guys: we are not fragile dolls. You can tell us the truth, we can take it.

    You disappointed me once again (when you suddenly fell off the radar yet I needed your help). I called for hours (that turned into days) but you didn’t return none of my calls. I texted you a zillion times, nothing. That was going to be the last time you would let me down. We were friends (at least I thought so). You were one of my closest friends, if not the closest. We laughed about things completely mundane. You meant everything to me. But that time I realized that I had been wrong on the friend part, it wasn’t real. Suddenly that perfect perception of you was tainted. And thanks to that, I now see you without your masks. I now see you as someone whom NOT to call when things go rotten.

    You sent texts days later, but I didn’t reply. You kept sending texts and seemed not to understand why I never replied to any of them. Why would I? So that you could lie to me again? So that you could say “sorry”? To be blunt, I just hoped what was left of your conscience pained you to such a degree that the only way to relieve the pressure was to come clean. I’d gotten tired of your coward intentions. I stopped trying to understand why you couldn’t be authentic. Besides, one doesn’t need to warn anyone when cutting them off, they just do it silently and peacefully. Even though it was hard, I finally did it…cold, clean and remorseless. It’s very okay to walk away from someone/something that hurts you. No blame or justification, you just stop fanning the flames. I cut you off because it was necessary, not just because I wanted revenge. I vowed not to repeat my mistake again. I didn’t (and still don’t) want to compromise myself like I did before, because I’m better off without the thought of when you will run off without notice. I’ve promised to never put myself in a situation where I don’t know where I stand in someone’s life again, where I feel unsteady and unloved.

    Sometimes one can’t really see the damage until they force themselves out of the situation. I’ve worked so hard to finally love myself and to believe that I’m deserving of happiness and love. I no longer toy around relationships where someone hurts me over and over again because they value their own comfort above my happiness. I know how to be by myself, I know how to enjoy my own company. I’m not angry. Neither do I hate you. However, I don’t care about you the same way anymore, because you hurt me. Really badly. And you know this. Rather I hate your hypocrisy. I hate your lies. Lies that you kept feeding me till you sent me to a painful place that I wanted to run away from, but couldn’t because one doesn’t get to run from oneself. Rather, I sat in the pain, cried about it and prayed about it. There’s no exit route for pain. I started from there, accepted it, built myself again, replenished myself after you’d took so much from me, nurtured myself and grew from there. I still continue to recover from the pain. My heart is still healing, and a part of it is still going to have that scar from giving all of me to someone who didn’t want it. 

    I’m so glad that we broke up and that you didn’t make up your mind to come back when I was still waiting for you. For that I thank God all the time because, there is no delicate way to put this so I am just going to say it: you were a bad guy. But you helped me in the end. I may have lost you but I gained back myself and all my self-respect I had lost with you. You helped me see what I don’t want in a partner. Some things that happen to you and you realize later that it was because God needed to use you for the benefit of others and for your own happiness. It was necessary to hurt to have learned what I learned. I learned that sometimes you have to experience what it means not to be loved in order to know what love is when you finally find it.

    There’s a misconception that people who are/have been hurt, end up hurting other people. People who use their pain to give others pain. Heartbreak is inevitable and we are all hurting in one way or another but not all of us are out to hurt others. Just because your heart is broken, doesn’t mean you have to break someone’s heart too since you’re too immature to know out what to do with it. Because having had my heart broken, I learned to forgive. But I can never forget how a broken heart feels.
    I’ve been through enough to trust my gut instinct and to stick with it. I trust my intuition will lead me to light. Most of all, I trust myself enough to know that I wouldn’t choose to be with someone who doesn’t deserve me, again. I still love, but I love myself more. And I’m still very much afraid of pain but I’m not afraid of being vulnerable.

    After the heartbreak, I was a broken girl with trust issues. A girl who needed to learn how to love herself. A girl who hadn’t yet let go of the wrong person she was holding onto. I hadn’t forgiven you. But was that the hill I wanted to die on? No! Today, as I write this, I have forgiven you because there’s no longer room in my heart for that kind of baggage. Life’s too short to carry such a burden. I know that I am complete, without my partner. I recognize my flaws and pledge to work hard on taking my flaws with strength and to be comfortable in my own skin.

    The happy ending of my story is that getting over you (who never shared my love) felt like having a blindfold removed. I suddenly saw all the love I’d had this whole time. I am grateful. Nobody healed my heartache. I sat with it and was able to fix myself on my own. And I realized that real love comes first from within, not from anyone else. Today, I am so much stronger, wiser and so much more certain of myself. I am now watering my own garden, blooming where I have been planted and loving it. I love me. There’s no glorious revenge than living your best life.

    Though I’ve endured pain, overcome heartbreaking experiences and I’m scared of letting someone in, I won’t close myself off completely. I’m allowing myself to be led by hope. I’m in the business of being awesome and the business is good.